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Sharma & Co operates from offices in Birmingham, London and Manchester delivering practical and cost effective advice. Our experienced team of reliable, professional and approachable people are led by Gagen Sharma who will do more than just respond to your immediate requirements – who will work with you in a proactive manner to help you succeed.

We can deal with assignments large and small and our strategic alliances provide additional resource when required. You will find us understanding when listening and commercial when advising because we know that even the best managed businesses run into trouble from time to time.

How we work

Our business is to help ailing companies find turnaround solutions for their business. In addition, we can help business owners to locate funding to ease the cashflow pressures…

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Turnaround Solution

Often, through no fault of their own, many companies find themselves in severe operational and financial difficulties. Events such as loss of market share and lack of profitability…

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Raising Funding

The majority of our clients see Sharma & Co’s ability to raise finance as being a major attraction. Our Turnaround team have strong contacts with asset finance, Bank lenders…

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“I was constantly being pestered by several, no many solicitors/liquidating company’s all with the same pitch and promise, because the flag had gone up that we were about to go pop, this is apparently identified by some software they all have. After listening to all the various pitches and please believe me, as a marketer I know a good pitch when I hear one. I was getting quite confused as I really wanted to sit down and talk to one of them, but because they was all so pitchy I really didn’t know who to select.

Then I got a cold call from a lovely sounding young lady who sounded so sincere I made the instant decision that I would like to sit down and discuss the future of my company with her. When I explained that I had been pitched to death by others, she explained very clearly how some of the scammers operate and to be very careful of not being conned into an even bigger hole than I was already in.

Eventually we arranged a meet between ourselves and her boss (Gagen) for the following week. In the meeting everything was explained very carefully and clearly that gave a great deal of confidence in their ability, but what really crunched the deal for me was how they answered all my questions, and please believe me I asked several and probably not with the best of attitudes. Every single question asked was answered very precisely and (if not use of a better term) sincerely which gave me a great deal of confidence in their ability.

Everything they said they would do for me, they did and more. It couldn’t have gone any smoother, bearing in mind I’ve never ever experienced or know anything about this type of business, It really couldn’t have gone any better and to top it all off, I’ve now put a marketing program together that Sharma & co pitch to their data base.

I would personally recommend them to anyone.”

Bernie Hurley – Quantum Web Solutions Ltd
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